Feb 4, 2013

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Cardiff to Blackpool by Rail

Cardiff to Blackpool by Rail

Cardiff is a very modern Welsh city and I am pretty happy about the facts that I stayed here for three years pursuing my post graduation from the Cardiff University. On a holiday when the University was closed for a week, I decided to embark on a journey and discover a town that reputedly oozes ‘fun from every pore’ i.e. Blackpool located in the north of England. 
My Journey to Blackpool

Blackpool has two main stations, Blackpool North and South, and I bought my single return rail ticket from Cardiff Central Station to Blackpool North. Blackpool North connects the town with other major cities of the United Kingdom, while Blackpool South offers train services to several nearby destinations. My first stop during my journey was at the Eiffel-tower like Blackpool Tower, where I soon lost myself within the Blackpool Tower Dungeon. Since I did not suffer from any vertigo–related problems, I climbed to the topmost floor, which is also called the Walk of Faith.

Blackpool is situated around three piers – North, Central, and South. There are several hotels and B&B in Blackpool that offer a comfortable stay to its tourists and visitors. The other tourist attractions of this fun-loving town included the Blackpool Illuminations, Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, Stanley Park and Sea life Centre. All the tourist destinations are within a walking distance of each other. However, I opted for the popular city sightseeing bus tour to experience it along with several other tourists and an expert guide.

The magical Blackpool Illuminations keep this town aglow from August to September, the peak tourist season which is also the time when one can witness many cultural events in the city. These are often described as ‘artificial sunshine’, since they are also a source of powerful illumination. Blackpool’s famous Grundy Art Gallery has a packed schedule all round the year, and features national as well as international artists. For those who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Stanley Park is ideal, which has several frothing fountains and Italian-styled gardens.

The Blackpool North Station is ideally situated as it is close to the Tower, Winter Gardens and the North Pier. Moreover, Blackpool is strewn with smaller parks that are nothing short of green oases in the middle of a busy city.

Armed with a Blackpool Destination Guide, I meandered my way across the important tourist attractions of the town. If the Blackpool Tower scored high on the tourist attraction quotient of many other tourists, then the World Horse Welfare Penny Farm and the Blackpool Zoo did not lag behind that far either. These destinations provided to adventure-seekers, like myself, a much needed and sought after departure from the mundane, usual way of living.

On returning to Cardiff, I only wished that my stay had been a bit longer and I had ample time to explore places that I had barely touched upon during my visit. Since I had decided to explore Blackpool North only as it was convenient in terms of rail journeys to and from Cardiff, Blackpool South (a station close to the equally famous Pleasure Beach) remained an unexplored territory.


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