Jul 2, 2013

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Write Your Way to a Cheaper Stay in Wales

Write Your Way to a Cheaper Stay in Wales

There is no doubt that spending some time in the beautiful Welsh countryside is a fantastic way to get a relaxing break from the routine. However, what if you have always wanted to do this and can’t seem to ever save up the money needed to get away?

A stay in a log cabin in Wales isn’t the most expensive type of break you will come across but, like anything else in life, if you don’t have the cash in your bank account then there isn’t much you can do about it. So what can you do to enjoy a cheaper stay in Wales?

Perhaps the most surprising answer is to take away your laptop and do some writing. Whatever type of work you do on a daily basis you can earn some extra cash by writing while you are away. If you are going to be active during the day on your trip then this can also be a way of relaxing in the evenings. The best news of all is that there are different types of writing job you could take on depending upon your experience and taste.

Some Good Examples

For example, you could look for some writing work for travel blogs. If you are a regular traveller then this could be an easy type of work in which you write about your experiences and the places you know. Even if you don’t know all that many places you could do some research and spend the rest of the time in your log cabin putting the details you discover into your own words. This is a fine way to find out more about the world and about places you might keen to visit in the future.

Another idea which you might find interesting is that of doing some freelance essay writing. This sort of online job can be equally interesting and can provide you with a good deal of mental stimulation as well as a nice source of extra income for your trips away. There are many different types of essay UK companies and students need to farm out to freelancers from time to time. If you are comfortable with your writing skills and don’t mind passing a few hours in front of your laptop then you could earn enough while you are away to make the break a lot easier for your bank account to handle.

Once this additional source of cash is sorted out you will feel a lot happier about spending while you are away, which is a great feeling to have. It is pretty depressing to be in such a great part of the world but not be able to spend a little on a picnic in a spectacular setting or in buying some gifts to take home for loved ones. This way of making money might be what you need to make these things a lot easier to do without causing any hassle or stress at all.

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